What it takes for a package to be added to Python

Reviewing the TOML parser, a new addition to Python 3.11

14 March 2022

A mental model of Python descriptors

Because who doesn't like a good mental model?

1 March 2022

Set up a blog with Contentful

Using Migrateful to codify your schema

18 September 2021

Contentful's environment model

How it works and why it's awesome

6 September 2021

Functional programming observations

A few of the motivating ideas

29 August 2021

I joined Safegraph!

A few reasons why I accepted the position

14 August 2021

Paginating Large DynamoDB Queries

Using NodeJS and AWS SDK v3

31 March 2021

Validating SSL certificates using Terraform

With Subject Alternative Names

7 February 2021

Combo context with stores in Svelte

A pattern you can't find in the docs

27 November 2020

Svelte Collapsible Card Component

DIY height transitions

5 November 2020

Step-by-step guide to hosting a static site on AWS

Including domain registration, certificates, redirects, and fast content delivery

6 July 2020

Dealing with the visual viewport

Viewports within viewports

3 July 2020

Rewriting this blog in SvelteJ

Much more enjoyable than Gatsby

22 June 2020

Fingerprints and LeetCode Problem 1377

A Leetcode problem with a basis in real applications ... go figure

9 March 2020

PageRank: Bringing Order To The Web

Investigating the OG of iterative centrality metrics

27 February 2020

Introducing DataGin

I created a pseudo-random dataset generator that you never knew you needed

8 January 2020

Configuring a Spark Cluster

The fundamentals of distributed system computation

24 November 2019

Streamlit Review

A quick look at the Python frontend framework designed for data scientists

2 November 2019